Wild Nature Amazon Live – A decade of discovery in Peru.

The Amazon is the planet’s largest rainforest and river basin. It supports countless thousands of species, as well as 30 million people – Wild.

The Amazon is the largest rainforest on Earth. It’s famed for its unrivalled biological diversity, with wildlife that includes jaguars, river dolphins, manatees, giant otters, capybaras, harpy eagles, anacondas and piranhas – Wild Nature.

The many unique habitats in this globally significant region conceal a wealth of hidden species, which scientists continue to discover at an incredible rate. Between 1999 and 2009, at least 1,200 new species of plants and vertebrates have been discovered in the Amazon biome (see page 6 for a map showing the extent of the region that this spans). The new species Wild include 637 plants, 257 fish, 216 amphibians, 55 reptiles, 16 birds and 39 mammals. In addition, thousands of new invertebrate species have been uncovered. Owing to the sheer number of the latter, these are not covered in detail by this report Wild.

The Highlights to Manu National Park Biosphere

Wild Nature Manu Biosphere 8 days

Wild Nature Manu Biosphere This Amazon journey through the Manu Biosphere Reserve to the Wild Nature Manu Biosphere is one of the beswildlife viewing experiences in the entire Amazon rainforest. Due to its ecological diversity, Manu boasts the highest recorded bird, mammal, and plant diversity of any park on Earth, including 1,000 of the world’s 9,700 bird […]

Manu Wild Nature Center 7days

Manu Wild Nature Center This conservation unit is located between the provinces of Paucartambo -The Convention of Cusco, and  Manu Wild Nature Center – Fitzcarrald the department of Madre de Dios, covers an area of 1,884,200 hectares. Bioregions of covers: Selva Baja, High Forest High Andes and Puna, the most extensive Lower Selva with an […]

Amazon Peru Manu Reserve 6days

Amazon Peru Manu Reserve After breakfast, begin your journey down river leaving the relatively clean waters of the Madre de Dios behind to travel into the sediment laden waters of the Manu River. This is a wonderful boat journey where you have excellent wildlife Amazon Peru Manu Reserve viewing potential. This particular route, especially in the […]

Wild Nature Manu National Park Culture Zone

Wild Amazon Expedition 5days

Wild Amazon Expedition 5days: Thank you for your interest in our Peruvian Experience trip. At World Youth Adventures we are passionate about sharing our experience in providing off the beaten track experiences and the thrill of coming cultures as well as regions of great natural beauty, with students and young adults as you prepare yourself […]

Manu Nature Trip 4days

Manu Nature Trip 4days: The Complete Manu Nature Trip .La experiencia es un tour guiado a una de las reservas más diversas del Perú en el mundo de los mamíferos, primates y aves. Cruzar las montañas de los Andes  el Manu Nature Trip sitio que cubre 1,5 millones de hectáreas. La atracción principal en Manu Naturaleza […]

Tour Peruvian Wild 3days

Tour Peruvian Wild 3days: Manu has always been close to the Neotropical Bird Club’s heart, forming the destination for our first-ever Club tour in 1997. More than a decade on, who better to help us explore the ‘new’ Manu than the leader of that seminal trip who had already been birding Manu for 15 years—and […]

Wild Nature Manu Park Macaw Clay Lick Center (Blanquillo)

Travel Life Nature Manu Macaw Clay lick Center 6days

One of the largest tropical parks of South America. Located in the south-eastern region of Peru, situated in the last Andean buttresses of the department of Cusco and the jungle of Madre de Dios. It covers a 2 million square hectares extension of a territory rich in species from flora and fauna, with a variety […]

Manu Rainforest Field Macaw Clay Lick 7days

Manu Rainforest Field Macaw Clay Lick 7days This is one of the most fascinating nature trips in the world. Our overland route crosses an extraordinary range of life zones from highlands to lowlands, taking us through an array of ecosystems found nowhere else on the planet in such close proximity. We see high altitude farming […]

Manu Amazon Trail – Cusco – Puerto Maldonado 8days

Manu Amazon Trail – Cusco – Puerto Maldonado 8days: Perú is, undoubtedly, one of the world’s top destinations for nature- lovers. Blessed with the richest ocean in the world, largely unexplored  Manu Amazon Trail forests and the highest tropical mountain range on the planet, the possibilities for the development of bio-diversity in its territory are […]

The Highlights to Sandoval Lake Lodge



Wild Nature Amazon 2Days /1Night

Wild Nature Amazon: Experience the highlights of mysterious Peru on this Wild Nature Amazon 2Days adventure. Another outstanding part of this trip is the Amazon rainforest – guests enjoy 1 nights’ stay at Sandoval Lake in the idyllic Tambopata National Reserve. Uncover iconic species such as red-bellied macaws, giant otter, black caiman and brown capuchin monkey while […]

Wild Nature Sandoval Lake Reserve 3days

Wild Nature Sandoval Lake Reserve 3days: Besides the famous clay lick where macaws and parrots feed, Tambopata Reserve has four lakes, one more beautiful than another. The best known, perhaps because it is the largest and nearest is Lake Sandoval. To get there, tourists have to walk trails, depending on the climate, are covered in mud […]

Wild Nature Sandoval Lake Center 4days

Wild Sandoval Lake Nature Center 4days: The most beautiful landscapes are hidden lakes Tambopata in the Amazon. One of the most accessible is Lake Sandoval. To reach it is necessary to cross the Madre de Dios River toward the entrance to the nature reserve. From there the hike takes about two hours apace in nature, […]


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